If you can walk, you can dance*

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Why Balkan dance?

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Most communities that have a college have Balkan dance instruction. Here in California's North Bay, we have a rich variety of classes available. You can start by just going to a dance event or two to watch (Ashkenaz in Berkeley is great if you are near this area) and see what looks appealing. Keep in mind that Balkan dance parties, events, and classes are available for every skill and energy level. So keep looking and asking around!

If you are in the North Bay, contact us for custom Balkan dance instruction at various levels tailored to your needs, in your location. You may want a certain dance broken down, or have instruction for a certain age group or people with limited ability/movement. Let us know. The slow, easy types of beginner Balkan dances are great for people who have never danced or are getting mobility back after an injury. Of course, check with your doctor before starting any form of exercise. We will try to link you up with something to get going!

* If you can walk you can dance. If you can dance you can sing.

--Zimbabwe proverb