The Melissae Ensemble

Melissae Ensemble

Watch this space for upcoming Melissae events.


The Melissae Ensemble is dedicated to preserving and sharing the ancient wisdom that is encoded in simple, repetitive dance and communal song. We specialize in Bulgarian ritual music and dance honoring the divine feminine. We sing for the honeybees and all our world that is touched and supported by honeybees.

We are available for celebrations and ceremonies. Contact us (mention Melissae in subject line of email, please).

Melissae Ensemble on KBBF Women's Spaces, August 20, 2018

Youtube link, Melissae Ensemble honeybee ritual in San Rafael, CA

Melissae at Forestville Farmers Market, 2 August 2016:

Melissae Ensemble 2 August 2016

Singing and dancing for the bees at Live Power Community Farm, Covelo, CA, 28 September 2013 . . .