Yabulka (YA-bul-ka) is the word for "apple" in Bulgarian—so we can be described as a traditional Bitov (village-style) ensemble playing Bulgarian music from Sonoma county apple country! Get ready to dance with Barbara Babin, gadulka; Jim Avera, gaida; Jana Mariposa Muhar, tupan; and Ken Genetti, tambura. 

For more information on Yabulka: email <balknbarb@yahoo.com>.

Coming up:

The Red and Black Ball with Yabulka and Gradina!

Saturday, March 30, 2024

7–10 p.m., Monroe Hall, 1400 W. College Ave., Santa Rosa.

Dance to recorded favorites until about 8 p.m., live music 8–10.

Wear red and black . . . admission $5 at door.