About Gradina

Gradina is a Balkan music ensemble based in California's North Bay area. We sing a cappella and also some songs with instrumental accompaniment. We lean toward traditional songs and arrangements. We present "sit-down" concerts for choral listening as well as dance concerts, and we are also available to teach most of the dances we present.

We are honored to play with many Balkan musicians from near and far, and every concert is different, often with a different array of performers. We started around 2001. Our sister group, The Melissae Ensemble, includes many Gradina members.

Contact us if you are interested in singing, helping, or presenting music. Also, find us on Facebook.

NEW: Here is Gradina, accompanied by Yabulka and Luke Stenger, singing Liliano mome at the annual Razzmatazz Red and Black Ball March 30, 2024.

Gradina's crankie show!

Watch our crankie show on YouTube, playing Mes stou Aigaiou from our CD (below).

Gradina's CD!

At last, Gradina's CD is available here for direct order or here on Amazon. The Amazon link includes digital download options. This album has songs for dancing and a few songs at the end of the CD that are for listening. Check it out!


Upcoming Gradina events!

Following are some links for our music.

Here we are at the annual Razzmatazz Red & Black Ball, 4 March 2023, Monroe Hall, Santa Rosa, playing Dodek je moma pri majka (Kostursko oro).

In November 2020 we were honored to sing at the worldwide Texa-Kolo Festival. Six of our group sang spaced apart outdoors, with masks. Here is a link to see a replay.

From spring 2018: Gradina and Druzhina performing Domakine at the Arlene Francis Center, Santa Rosa, California, March 3, 2018. We learned this version from Michele Simon at the San Francisco Kolo Festival.


Here are Gradina and friends at the Santa Rosa Glendi, September 2012. See some as-yet unedited footage of this great dance party on YouTube.


Members of Gradina at Russian River Rose Company 9/30/2012, singing and modeling antique aprons we purchased during our trip to Bulgaria, summer 2012.

Here is a link to YouTube with us singing Sidjala dona Rado ljo at Russian River Rose Company.

Two YouTube links: Gradina performed the Ladino song and dance Bibilicos, and the Rhodopi, Bulgarian Glava li ta boli, sine moj at the Feast for the Senses, at the Arlene Francis Center for Spriit, Art, and Politics, Santa Rosa, on April 5, 2014.

And in March 2014, Gradina at Razzmatazz's famous Red and Black Ball at Monroe Hall, Santa Rosa.